Practice Kits Complete

Finally finished building the workbench, got all the tools, and finished the practice kits.  The empennage kit is waiting to be started.

Practice Kits were completed in the order shown with problems/lessons learned noted.  Pics to follow.

  • Cleaveland Cell Phone Holder
    • Had the pressure set too high (90 psi for drilling) on the air compressor for 3 of the rivets
    • Slight misalignment of the skins after drilling
    • Edge bend for lap joints was a little excessive
    • Otherwise turned out ok


  • Van’s Toolbox
    • Not too many notable problems
    • Slightly off on the leveling of the latch


  • Van’s Practice Skin
    • Slightly out of alignment rivet holes in the skins due to bit “walking”
    • Riveted the second skin on top of the sheet attached to the angle and didn’t notice until I had 2 rivets left.  Chose not to drill out rivets, but use it as a reminder to DOUBLE CHECK THE PLANS!


  • Van’s Practice Control Surface
    • Had trouble using the bucking bar in the corner of the skins.  The scuff marks can be seen, but I finally figured out to put a microfiber cloth underneath the bucking bar to rest it on and that alleviated some of the scuffs.
    • Leading edge was slightly out of alignment once finished.
    • REALLY had trouble with the trailing edge piece and wedge construction.  You can see where the mushroom set hit and bruised the skins.


Overall, I made a lot of the common riveting and sheet metal mistakes that I told myself I wouldn’t make.  At least they were on these practice kits and not the actual plane itself.  Next up, beginning  construction of the actual plane!



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