Tail Section Started! (14 hrs)

28 July 2017 – 2 hrs

Inventoried the parts and setup some organization schemes for the tiny hardware pieces.




29 July 2017 – 4 hrs

This marked the beginning of the actual construction of the airplane.  This part was pretty underwhelming, since it was just fitting some small pieces together and then finishing (sanding) the edges.  There was also something about “fluting”.  No idea what that’s about, but I read the instructions and gave it a go…



30 July 2017 – 3 hrs

This day was pretty exciting since I actually got to see something that looked like a plane section semi-complete.  And I finally figured out what “fluting” was all about.  When I put the skin on, the holes didn’t line up with the ribs.  I could see the ribs were still curved.  So I fluted between the rib holes, then laid the skin over it to see if the holes lined up.  That took the majority of the 3 hours, but I’m pretty sure this fluting thing will never be an issue again!  I drilled everything to final size.  Then I got a dose of reality when the plans called for taking out the temporary holders, and realizing the piece wouldn’t look like that again for probably another 20 hours or so…  Oh well.  So I let it sit overnight.



31 July 2017 – 5 hrs

I disassembled everything, then deburred the holes and skins.  I had a buddy come over who wanted to see the construction and help a little bit (thanks, JD!) so we trimmed the stiffeners for the rudder since I wasn’t sure what other two-person work I could do with the VS at that point.  I cut them out with the snips and he used the drill and Scotchbrite wheel in the electric drill to edge finish them.  I didn’t realize until a few days later that I had to cut those stiffeners to different lengths (sorry, JD!).  Good thing is that there wasn’t much left to edge finish after I figured out I had to cut them, but that’s another day and another post.


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