Unsure About Primer Application

4 August 2017

So the rattle can self-etching primer arrived today and I took the time to shoot an initial coat on the parts that have been waiting for primer.  These parts were waiting for this batch since the store-bought cans were all sub-par from a durability/scratch test standpoint after dimpling (except one, which was ok but not confidence-inspiring and not self-etching which gave 2 strikes).  Of note, all of them passed my immersion test, which consisted of sitting them in a tub of water for 24 hrs then rubbing them pretty briskly.  After they dried, I gave another scratch test.  Pretty similar results for all of them when compared to the pre-water scratch test.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of these guinea pig primers.  I will say that the one that was “ok” was a wash primer from Montana Colors.  If I absolutely HAD to use a store-bought one, it would be my choice, but since I have the U-Pol self-etching, I’ll use that.

But I digress…  I shot an initial coat.

The shiny portions worried me a bit, as I felt like I may not have given them enough.  I understand these are supposed to go on light, but didn’t quite know HOW light.  To be fair, it was a pretty windy day, so there is that consideration.  However, I felt like I had done the priming in a good location that blocked the wind (my back patio).  The patio is enclosed by a waist-level solid wall, privacy picket-type fencing up to the 6-foot level, and the complex is a solid block of connected houses (condos?) with the patio side facing inward and protected from the outside.  Not sure how much effect the wind had, but it’s worth noting.  Anyway, I gave another dusting the next day.

The intent was not to “paint” them but the coverage seems good now.  Not overly thick (please comment if I’m wrong) but completely covered.  I’ll wait a couple days to dimple to give the primer some extra time to set.


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